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Avoid Becoming An Online Home Business Statistic!

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Every day I work with entrepreneurs who have started their own online home business. Several months into their business pursuit, I’ve found that practically everyone who is dissatisfied with their lack of results, began running first before they created a strong foundation for their online business.

It’s the same for Internet and an affiliate marketing business, online network marketing business or any home business started to earn money online. Most of those I work with started this journey for the right reasons however they have descended into that desperate realm where their sole focus is to become successful no matter what they must compromise.

Their lack of discipline to do the donkey work required to create their business foundation in the front end has resulted in their online business to be like an unanchored boat in a storm. In the end their personalities are mere shadows of what they once were, willing to justify doing anything in a desperate attempt to find the combination to unlock the “money safe” of wealth.

I remember speaking with a woman who recanted her motivational decay. She was so excited about marketing health and wellness that she couldn’t wait to prove to everyone that what she had found could make a dramatic difference in their health and their lives. She had become an independent distributor with a company she got excited about, immediately began running before creating a business plan, creating a marketing strategy or educating herself how to effectively get her message out. Just 3 months later she remembers being willing to say or do just about anything to unload the stupid product to anyone so she could make some money. Welcome to 95% of aspiring online businesses owners.

The internet is filled will those Internet, affiliate and network marketers who never saw the importance of securing their business anchor before braving the coming storm. In the end they seem more like a desperate homeless person who will beg, borrow and steal in order to become successful, believing that the end will justify the means.

But what success will you have if you stumble across a little profit but yet have lost your very identity, your morals and character in the process. This is not why you started this adventure and it need not be where you end up. This disease is so rampant that if this doesn’t describe you, it will at least describe the path that many that you know of, are now on. My desire is that if you feel unanchored, out of control and burned out, that I’m able to empower and help you correct your course before you become demoralized and give up on your dreams altogether.

There is only one way to alter your course. You must discover your true “entrepreneurial passionate purpose”, where you will be compensated both emotionally and financially when that purpose is expressed through providing value, giving to others and designing your business to meet needs rather than beg, borrow, deceive, pressure and pester others into submission. Establishing and growing this purpose will give you the satisfaction & fulfillment of utilizing your talents. It will also naturally provide you the daily motivation to pursue personal development, make you thirsty for knowledge and prevent you from falling into the temptation of reaching for the self-centered purpose; a trap that is caused by insecurity, fear and survival instincts.

In this initial post I want to lay out the outline that this blog series will follow. This series will cover the following subjects in an effort to re-establish your foundation, re-connect you with your passion and reward you with personal and financial freedom.

I will be walking you through the following:

  • Recognize that entrepreneurship as your high calling to be more than average
    • That you are on the only road that can reward you with fulfilling financial freedom and personal growth.
    • Some of the greatest things that have been accomplished in history come from exactly this same entrepreneurial spirit
  • Let your passion determine your niche
    • What areas do you feel would emotionally reward you?
    • What need could you meet that you can passionately get behind?
    • What niches are out there where you can make a difference?
  • Equip yourself for each niche
    • What abilities do you have that will naturally aid you in this pursuit?
    • What steps do you need to take to educate yourself to accomplish the purpose you set to accomplish for your target market?
  • Create your business plan and marketing strategy
    • Describe in detail your target market
    • What is the purpose you desire to accomplish for your target market?
    • How will you reach them?
    • How will you turn the need being met into a transaction?
  • Visualize: begin with the end in mind
    • What does your business need to look like in order for you to consider it a success?
    • What do you personally need to master in order for you to assume the role of a successful entrepreneur?
    • What do you need to do daily, weekly in order to bring both of those goals into reality?
    • When you reach that goal, how will your life be different?
      • What will you spend your money on (type of car, house, vacations, property etc)
      • When you reach that point, what will you do with your time flexibility?
      • How will you give back/better your community?
      • What is your long term business plan after you’ve completed this chapter of your entrepreneurial book?

At this point I plan on creating installments of 4 parts beyond this introduction fleshing out the principles and themes in the outline above. I also plan on sprinkling in some videos as well. In the future this material will eventually be a full-fledged seminar, webinar and/or eBook. I’ve always preferred to show value to my loyal readers however I also deeply want to help as many people as possible as quickly as I can, I want you to have the first look at the information before it’s all neat and tidy. For that reason I might tweak or add valuable insight that I determine to be vital to include once I immerse myself in the writing of each heading.

Make no mistake; this is not being manufactured for me to just throw out there in order to drum up early support for a future product. This is to quickly empower those that need a life-raft before their business drowns. If you are looking for online marketing 101 & 201, the “Success-Step” Training Systems are designed to give you that. I’ve found however that in order to prevent many would-be success stories from self-sabotage, properly creating the anchor that will totally alter the way you see your business & personal life moving forward will stay true through any storm. I look forward to sharing these important principles with all of you.

How To Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Business And Slap Your Competition

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Affiliate marketing is one of the most fashionable businesses on the internet that involves a partnership between a service provider and a certain number of affiliates. The job of those affiliates is to promote the product owner’s products and generate sales. This type of affiliate marketing business is the most common in our days.

Once a certain affiliate generates a sale a portion of the profit received by the vendor is given to the affiliate. For this reason the relationships between affiliates and vendors are also known as profit sharing partnership.

This type of business are preferred by the majority of the product providers simply because this way they could sell a significantly higher number of products. In fact this business it’s what we called a “win-win” situation because the product provider sells more products and the affiliates make good money with their websites for promoting those products.

Since this business is spreading like a wild fire each day you most find out some ways make your website stand out from the crowd. You can achieve this with proper management of your business. A good management of your business could and will make the difference between having a business that grows each day and having a business that makes little to no money.

If you are an affiliate marketer the first thing you need to do is of course to advertise the product you are promoting. The most used ways to advertise are anchor text links and banners. Usually banners tend to generate more clicks because they are eye-catching but anchor text links are as powerful as well. You could easily place those banners in your website if you have one. If you already have some banners on your website I recommend you choose anchor text links instead because a high number of banners displayed on a website could be very confusing to potential customers. It’s a proven fact that if they see a high number of banners they are most likely to close the page and this is the last thing you want.

Another powerful way of advertising is through search engine optimization or SEO. For this technique you would need a website where you promote the product. I recommend you here making a review site since those are the sites that potential customers want to find before they purchase the product or service. Chances are that if you promote a popular product to find yourself dozens of affiliate sites all of them trying to get top spots in Google for the product keywords. Some of the most common keywords that people search for are “product name” and “product name review”. Those are the keywords for which you want to rank your website. Depending on your competition this process could be done easily and you could see results in a matter of days or hardly. Even if it’s easier to rank for a keyword or not the process you need to take is pretty much the same in both cases. I recommend you write a few article about the product and submit them to the top article directories. Don’t forget to link back to you website from the resource box. Another powerful way to rank is by using videos. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a video because it’s not complicated at all. You could make a video from a few images or from a PowerPoint presentation. I recommend you to download a free trial of Camtasia Studio. This is by far the most used video creation software and will allow you to create professional videos in no time. The software also has an option to record PowerPoint presentations.

With your video in hands now it’s time to distribute it. This could be done very easily with the help of TubeMogul. Just go to and sign up for a free account. From there the process is self explanatory.

Note that sometimes you may rank with a few article and sometimes you don’t. In case you don’t rank where you want just create more article with a link back to your website and submit them to the article directories.

Note that search engine optimization is a very comprehensive process and I can’t cover all this process in one article. However this will be enough to give you a start point.


Understanding Anchor Text and Using It Maximum for SEO

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Getting a higher ranking on the search engines is what every business aims at, but to get that top ranking webmasters have to put in lots of efforts and build the right SEO strategy. Anchor text is an important part of SEO and has a great impact on rankings. Correct usage of it will help you to attain the top rank, but if you use it carelessly, you might lose your organic traffic and even get penalized.

Anchor text can be described as the visible portion of the link that is actually displayed in your browser. It holds great importance for on page and off page optimization. Search engines use the it to determine the relevancy and also the importance of the site. Before the Penguin update, Google used these texts, whether or not the website is relevant, but now it serves as a great means to the search engines to penalize websites for over optimization. When it is about the relationship between the anchor texts and Google, the prime rule is to follow the guidelines.

Here in this piece of writing, let’s discuss how we can optimize our anchor text for better SEO performance:

A clear understanding of the different types will surely help you to optimized them in a better manner.

  • Exact match: The text is the exact keyword phrase that is chosen to attain a higher ranking for content piece.
  • Partial match: It contains the keyword phrase that is selected for ranking
  • Branded: It contains the name of the brand
  • Generic: It is a general phrase without any targeted keyword
  • Naked anchor links: They are anchors that link back to the site by using the URL
  • LSI keywords: The anchor text is the synonym for a target keyword

Keep it real and versatile:

As per Google, each part of the site together with the links and their anchor texts should offer real value to the users. Links should be placed in such a way so that the users can see them and they are informed about something that is relevant and informative. So, you should create them without repetitive keywords and link to high quality and relevant pages.

Don’t over optimize:

Google avoids overly rich anchor texts. Any over used keyword based anchor text is always a big no from Google and it may also result in penalties. Keep it natural and spread it across inbound links in appropriate proportion.

Keep the anchors relevant:

Google always wants to offer the best and relevant information to the users. It tries its best to improve the user experience so non relevant anchors with irrelevant links and content will not be appreciated by the search engine. The more relevant your article is, the better your ranking would be.

Keep a track on your anchor texts:

While building backlinks, it is very important that you keep a track on your anchor texts. Else you may link it to spammy website or use too many keywords and have a negative impact on your profile. It is very important to be organized, so that you don’t over optimize your page with keyword dense anchors. Tracking would help you to follow a systematic process and avoid overusing those that are already used.

Distribute the anchors carefully:

The distribution of your anchor text should be proportionate because over focusing on anything would be bad. Though it is very difficult to say what is best and ideal, but it is important to avoid overstuffing with exact match keywords. You can rely on branded and website name anchor texts. Doing a thorough analysis of your competitors will help you to get a good idea of what they have used to attain a top rank.