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Text Anchor Links – Purchasing Text Anchor Links

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Text anchor links are the tags that usually provide the link that directs it to your site address. More often, the reason as to why business people and marketers are engaging into this kind of an activity is because of the fact that purchasing text links can considerably boost your rank site and will make better in the search engine results page. Again, the reason for all these marketing brouhaha all boils down to one thing – traffic!

Although there are no specific search engine guidelines that forbids and prohibits business people from buying and purchasing text anchor links, the more common problem that people are encountering is the bogus anchor text link that they buy that lead to a more damaging and jeopardizing state. As such, when one plans to go about purchasing text anchor links, you may want to be guided by these following guidelines:

a. Determine first your motive why you want to go about purchasing anchor text links. If you are purchasing text anchor links for search engine results page and building traffic, it is advised that you purchase the text anchor links from sites which bear related anchor text links.

b. You have to ensure that the purchased anchor text link is directed towards your own site and to anybody else’s site. This has been the most common issue that business people are having.

c. When you buy your anchor text link, you resort to buying the longer termed ones. The weekly and the monthly thing are just not as working right for a site as the range and duration does not cover the projected pick up time of the link.

d. Always make sure that you have prior knowledge about the anchor text that you are purchasing. There are times that the anchor text is a bogus one.

e. Make sure that you buy some variations on the anchor text that you are purchasing. It makes sense because you need to make sure that there other things that net users get to see from time to time.

Purchasing an anchor text link is never in violation of any search engine protocol, but having it on an equal and fair method can give you the best claim that you did well on your ranking because you made it fair and square.